LittleBlueFarm gives young people and adults with learning disabilities the opportunity to participate in a range of amazing activities.

Learning to care for our animals, and growing and caring for our trees, hedgerows, plants, flowers, fruit, and vegetables helps to reinforce how caring for the environment, healthy living, healthy eating, exercise and good hygiene are all essential parts of life.

Our Student Farmers have many opportunities to work together carrying out meaningful and therapeutic tasks on the farm. Working as a group, they further develop their understanding of relationships, friendships, social skills, and tolerance of other people and things that may not be quite as important to them. 

At the heart of everything we do is the emphasis of working with others, kindness, sharing, and treading lightly as we walk through life.

We also have a huge amount of fun, make lots of friends, and love spending time with our wonderful amazing animals.

So... topsy-turvy?

The animals at LittleBlueFarm are not what you would usually find on a farm. Our animals are either really small versions of animals you may have come across before, or really big versions.

Teeny donkeys? Check. How about really small goats? Yes, those too. Huge rabbits? Yes, some of those. Enormous fluffy dogs that look more like bears? Yes again. How about tiny little horses smaller than a dog? Yes, we have those. And sheep, that look more like the little lambs we see in spring? Yep. Massive birds? Well, that depends, does an emu that stands at six feet tall count as ‘massive’? If not how about the biggest chickens you have ever seen…

You see, we like things different down at LittleBlueFarm, and we love to amaze and surprise people who come to meet our animals. Every single one of them is hand tame, and our Student Farmers will get to work with them all.  

Making animal care more interesting helps our Student Farmers to understand and accept ‘different’, and it also keeps things fun.  Because, you know, fun is important, right?

  • Do you love animals?  
  • Would you enjoy feeding, grooming, and caring for lots of interesting and unusual animals?
  • Would you would like to learn how to plant and grow fruit, vegetables, plants, flowers, and trees?
  • Do you enjoy working with other people and making new friends?
  • Would you would like to learn how to make jams from fruit you have cared for and carefully picked, how to create pickles, chutneys and soups from vegetables you have helped to grow, or make cakes from eggs you have collected?
  • Do you enjoy building, creating, making, or mending things?
  • Do you love to be outdoors in the beautiful countryside, whatever the weather?
  • Would you love to be part of an amazing new project that will change the lives of so many people?

If so, you really need to come and meet us at LittleBlueFarm!