Topsy-Turvy Animals

Who do we have living with us at LittleBlueFarm?

You will find pygmy goats, miniature American horses, babydoll (Old English Southdown) sheep, and mediterranean miniature donkeys.  We have miniature alpacas, dwarf rabbits, miniature Silver Appleyard ducks, bantam chickens, miniature tortoises, and button quail.

At the other end of the topsy-turvy scale you will find giant brahma chickens, Netherland Giant rabbits, sulcata giant tortoises, and huge furry Newfoundland and Saint Bernard dogs!

We have the most beautiful and relaxing butterfly tunnel, and an 
aviary filled with so many amazingly coloured birds.

Explore some more and you will find our emus, our peacocks, and our wonderfully coloured pheasants unlike any you’ve ever seen!

There are also meerkats, hedgehogs, chinchillas, chipmunks, guinea pigs
and our incredible sugar gliders.

Always so much work to do!

You won’t ever be bored at LittleBlueFarm! Every day, whatever the weather, all of the animals have to be looked after. If its pouring with rain, snowing, freezing cold or boiling hot it still must be done.  

This often-hard work teaches our Student Farmers all about the importance and responsibility of animal care, and teaches how exertive work, and working well with others as a team, all using the skills you have and finding those with the skills you have not, all of this makes really good things happen.