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To launch LittleBlueFarm we need a little bit of support.

If you would like to help us to provide some amazing experiences for adults and children with disabilities there are several ways you can get involved…


If you can, please make a donation to help LittleBlueFarm


If you can, please make a donation to help LittleBlueFarm

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Would you be interested in helping us with a specific project?

Be a Student Farmer

Do you have learning disabilities and want to experience amazing opportunities?

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We hate the barriers that society puts up to stop or slow down our children.  You can say they don’t exist, or that things are getting better, but we live this life, we have spent so many years battling the system and wishing things were different.  So, you should think of us like the A-Team (remember that TV series back in the 80’s with BA Baracus, HM “Howling Mad” Murdoch, Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, and Templeton “Faceman” Peck…), busy building something as we are locked inside a barn, surrounded by evil barriers. Suddenly an engine roars, the barn doors burst open, and we emerge in a tractor turned into an armoured bulldozer and smash through societies barriers…

…Yes, we are also a little bit crazy!  But then, you really have to be in order to survive the system that is so often against us.

What you need to know is that we WILL give our Student Farmers amazing, unique, creative, innovative opportunities so that they…

  • Gain wonderful new experiences and get the chance to do stuff they never thought possible
  • Take pleasure in the countryside, learn about the environment, and build an understanding of the whole circle that is healthy living
  • Learn lots of interesting facts about and how to care for really cool, cute and fascinating animals, and reap the benefits of their unique therapeutic qualities
  • Build creativity, independence, and learn to express themselves, their needs, wants, and their amazing individuality that so many seek to suppress
  • Grow enormous amounts of self-confidence, learn many capabilities from the most basic of life skills to things many would never otherwise get the opportunity to learn
  • Feel empowered with this new found skillset and knowledge bank, and make the most of everything they have learnt to improve their lives in ways previously thought improbable
  • Stride towards a level of independence they didn’t believe was possible, and if they want to they will get doors opening to new opportunities of employment, supported or otherwise
  • Show the World they are not a label, and given the chance they can and will achieve amazing things.

Promoting Independence

Whatever their level of ability, every Student Farmer will have a forward plan, regular meetings, individual assessment, support plan and risk assessment.  Thats all really boring though, so we show them how to build their own websites that they can fill with photographs, videos and words to share everything they are achieving and are proud of with friends, family, support workers and future potential employers.

On commencement at the LittleBlueFarm, each Student Farmer is given time to settle, and over time supported to decide which areas they most want to be focus involved on and goals they would like to smash on their journey.

Working in Partnership

LittleBlueFarm will always strive to work in harmony with families.  With professionals and organisation – voluntary or statutory – we will always work in partnership to the benefit of our Student Farmers.

At LittleBlueFarm we take enormous pride in the services we provide, and we believe we set a benchmark as a service provider so that Social Services will be confident in refering people to come and get involved with our amazing project.

Every Student Farmer who joins us at LittleBlueFarm has regular reviews, assessment meetings with their named support worker here at the farm, continuous feedback from all other staff at the farm and together we develop our Student Farmers own websites showing their amazing progress, the decisions they are making and the targets they are achieving.