Information for Visitors

If you would like to find out more about joining us at LittleBlueFarm – as a Volunteer or as a Student Farmer – the first thing you need to do is arrange a time to visit.  We would love to show you our farm and the sort of things we do, you will then find it easier to decide if you would like to work with us.

You can take an application pack away with you,  this needs to be filled in very carefully so we can be sure that we are able to work together. Your personal details, and any information that will help us provide the you with the best support, are essential.  If you are joining us as a Student Farmer we will also need to build a support plan. This should be completed with the support of a family member or a support worker, and this will help us set up the best possible package of individual care to ensure we not only meet your needs, but also give you the best opportunities here at LittleBlueFarm.

Once the placement has been agreed by all the people who support you, and we have got all the boring paperwork stuff sorted out, you will be ready to start your adventures as a Student Farmer at LittleBlueFarm!

Everyone joining us at the Farm will need some basic things:

  • Good quality, comfortable wellies
  • Lightweight loose-fitting waterproof jacket that you can wear whatever the temperature
  • Warm jacket you can wear under the waterproof for when its cold
  • A good quality nice comfy hat to keep your head warm in the winter
  • A cap or hat for the summer
  • Warm gloves for the winter
  • Other items are optional, like waterproof trousers.

You can leave everything in your locker and get changed on site, or you can arrive with everything you need, but you must come prepared!

We will have a support fund for families who will struggle to provide the clothing needed. You just need to talk to Marc or Mandy in confidence and we will make sure we can help you out.

Opening Times

We have to take care of the animals every single day, but we don’t need the help of our Student Farmers every day.  Besides, even the fittest and healthiest Student Farmer desevers a break sometimes!

All visits to LittleBlueFarm must be arranged in advance.  Due to the nature of the work we do and the people who work with us we can’t allow visitors to just turn up and look around.  Sorry if this is disappointing.  

However, you can arrange to visit us individually, as a family or small group, or a larger group through the booking system below.  When we know you are coming we can welcome you and make sure you all have a brilliant time on the farm!

How to Find Us

When you arrange your visit we will send you directions so that you can easily find your way to the farm.

Risk Assessments

All our Student Farmers have individual risk assessments in order to make ensure our Team are aware of the Students’ needs. Risks assessments are reviewed every year or if there is a change in the student’s needs. We also have risk assessments for every area of the farm, all staff are aware of the way we work so we avoid putting our Student Farmers at risk.

DBS Checks

Every member of the Team at LittleBlueFarm has had an enhanced DBS check carried out by Powys County Council.

Health and Safety

Every member of the Team has at least a basic certificate in first-aid.  Mandy – one of the owners of LittleBlueFarm – is an Emergency Nurse and spent many years working in busy Accident and Emergency departments in England before moving to Wales.  If it can fall off Mandy has seen it fall off, and if it can’t fall off Mandy has also seen one of those fall off too! Basically, you could not be in better hands. Mandy is also able to support Student Farmers with taking prescription medications.

Life on a farm can be dangerous if you do not take care and stay within the rules. Every time a Student Farmer or visitor arrives at LittleBlueFarm they have to electronically sign in, and agree to stick to all of the rules.

Every single last one.

Anyone who does not stick to the rules and in anyway puts themselves or others in danger will immediately be shown to a safe area, from where we will make arrangements for them to safely leave the farm.  

Tetanus Immunisation

Everyone working at LittleBlueFarm – Team Members and Student Farmers – must have an up-to-date tetanus record.

We require that Student Farmers and Team Members must be up to date with their tetanus immunisation before starting at LittleBlueFarm as they will be working with a wide range of animals.